Toxic Soup Anyone?

It is amazing to me that agencies like NAFDAC and SON who are supposed to be looking out for our interest and health with regards to food and drugs are slacking on their responsibilities. I’m sure or at least I am hoping that most of us saw the news regarding a court ruling on NAFDAC and NBC (aka Nigerian Bottling Company), the makers of Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite. I have been wondering though, is it that NAFDAC or SON didn’t know or that their bar for standard requirements is set so low or have they been bribed or all of the above? The other time I saw on the internet that the EU has banned food products coming from Nigeria because the contaminants in them were very high. This makes one wonder, do we really have standards for anything at all? These government agencies are very good at harassing people (which I believe is important in order to detect fake products), but on issues like these when one expects them to step up they end up slacking.

As much as there is public outcry on this matter, I don’t think people understand the weight and gravity of this finding in one of the most popular beverage companies in Nigeria. Given that NBC’s Coke, Fanta and Sprite are most the popular beverage drinks in Nigeria and Vitamin C is one of the most ubiquitous vitamins found in most foods (i.e both foreign and local) and drinks, one can only see what a toxic mix we have been consuming for years. You cannot just say “since Vitamin C is toxic with Fanta, I will not take Vitamin C again or when taking Vitamin C tablet I will avoid Fanta and Sprite.” What about food and drinks you are not able to isolate Vitamin C from? What happens then? What happens when you are downloading that Afang soup or Efo riro or Onugbu or Pepper soup and drinking Fanta or Sprite? These group of items are shared knowingly or unknowingly at almost every gathering of whatever size, and yet we wonder why we are becoming sicker.

If you are thinking to yourself “oh thank God! My Coke is saved!” I would not be so relaxed if I were you. What if there are things in the Coke that was not found out? Let’s not even begin to analyse the sugar and caffeine content in that one. But anyway The main point is if one by any chance consumes any food or drink that contains Vitamin C together with Fanta or Sprite that person is automatically consuming a toxic mix. So my fellow Nigerians, Fathers, Mothers, Guardians and Individuals alike, no one will care for you or see to your health or that of your family the way you will. No company knows you and your body as thoroughly as you know yours, and our bodies have been given to us by God for us to be worthy stewards of it. Let us learn to read ingredients on food and drink products, read up the pros and cons of Benzoic acid, Phosphoric acid, Sunset Yellow and other ingredients like that.


The truth is the food you eat does one of 2 things to your body, it is either slowly healing your body or slowly killing your body. Which is yours?