My Experience Of Reversing Gall Stones Naturally

The saying that “every journey begins with a step” is so telling for me regarding how my journey to a natural and organic lifestyle started. If you have read my ‘About SG’ page, you get a sneak peek into that journey through formative years. Although growing in a health conscious environment or home goes a long way, but I realize that what really stays longer in the mind of a person is usually a form of personal experience. Personal experience doesn’t always have to be you who goes through it but it could be a family member or a loved one.

Like most people my age and older who attended secondary school in Nigeria, I had the irreplaceable experience of a boarding school life, though not as gruesome as the experience of some others. In the beginning of my JSS 2 year, I started feeling pain on the right side of my abdomen and as days went by the pain increased. The increase in pain came along with nausea, so much so that I could be walking and suddenly the pain will come so sharply that it takes a lot not to scream then I would be hunched over somewhere trying to vomit. Sometimes I thought I would pass out from the pain.

Of course I did not have the heart to tell my parents, because I didn’t really want hear a lecture on how I have been eating pastries or too much sugar or junk food in general from ‘Daddy Doctor’. I knew he was telling me the truth and his words came from a place of love but honestly, I didn’t want to hear it. So I bore it till I went home for the holiday, while at home nothing dramatic happened until the morning before new year’s eve. The pain jolted me out of bed and this time it was far worse than all the others combined. Any form of movement caused me severe pain, but somehow I managed and crawled out of bed and crawled in pain to my parents door.

Before being rushed to the hospital, they tried giving me pap but I gave it back to them on the floor. When I got to the first hospital, I was last in the queue of over 20 people and I felt like I was gonna die. But thank God , my mum was able to beg someone close to the front to let me go in because of the extreme pain he saw me going through. The doctor talked to my parents about food poisoning or something like that, but my parents were not satisfied so I was taken to another hospital for a second opinion. He told my mum that it was the beginning stages of menstruation and we needed to have “the talk” as I am already of age. I was give pain medications and antibiotics but the cause of the pain was not determine or addressed. Now ‘Daddy Doctor’ was frustrated with the continuous misdiagnosis, so he decided that I needed a scan. The scan showed a sizable number of large and small stones in my gallbladder, these stones are called gallstones. That was the cause of my pain, the doctor who did the scan suggested that I would need surgery as soon as possible because the pain medication will only give me short-lived relief.


Since ‘Daddy Doctor’ is not a conventional doctor, surgery was not an option for me as I was still quite young and he saw it as unnecessary. Then he remembered that someone he knew had gallstones but treated it differently, naturally. So when the new school term began, I saddled my box of clothes and provisions, with a bag full of citrus grapes and bottles of olive oil. Yeah! You read that right. Citrus grapes and olive oil. That was my prescriptions for the next few months, I was also barred from eating bread, pastries and flour based foods. So I took about 2-3 spoons of olive oil mixed with juice from 1 whole grape fruit, and I took that prescription every day in the morning, afternoon and night. This lasted for about 6 months, this special prescription came with mockery, jabs, weird looks and curiosity. It was sometimes frustrating have to explain to people because people mock what they don’t know. Over time the frequency of the pain reduced and eventually stopped. After that period, I went for another scan and came out clean, no stones or a trace of it.

Funny isn’t it? That the treatment was non-invasive, painless and didn’t have to take me away from school, which is what the surgery would have done to me. Well, that was my experience with reversing gall stones. Do you have any experience with reversing an ailment naturally? Please share with us by leaving a comment so we can learn what natural remedies have worked (or not worked) for you.