Living Healthier And Changing Senses

Although it may not look like it, most people want to live as healthy as possible given the resources available to us at each point in time. Some of us dive into the health universe with so much fervency, meaning that they change food, lifestyle, habits and anything else they believe may be affecting their health. While some others go hand in hand with the saying “slow and steady wins the race”, meaning that the change in lifestyle, habits, food are usually slow (a little every other month) but they are usually sure. There is one thing though that applies to all people going through a health journey, that is the change in our senses which are taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch.

So let’s look into some of these changes, shall we?

The Almighty Taste! The sense of taste is more like a double edged sword. Let me use myself as an example. Before I started my health journey my taste buds were so conditioned to only like what was “sweet” aka full of sugar when it came to breakfast meals and desserts. While my lunch and dinner meals were considered tasteless if they were not filled with enough salt and pre-packaged seasoning (if you know what I mean). Then when I gradually started reducing my sugar intake, limiting my consumption of junk food and eating less times a day, overtime I noticed sugary breakfast meals & desserts didn’t taste so great after all, spice filled lunch and dinner was just urgh! Another aspect is that before the health journey, vegetables, some fruits and herbs that had bland and bitter once upon a time, I’m now having an acquired taste for them as they no longer taste the same way again for me.

All-Seeing Sight! Back in the day when most people grew their own food before oil, industrialisation and $$$, people were happy with what grew out of the ground of their land whether it was aesthetically pleasing or not. This is because it was their land, their hard work and effort, little to no use of chemicals. This also meant that it was not just you that got to partake of the juicy fruit or vegetable but even the tiny, little and small creatures got a taste of the action as well. These days, with the subliminal conditioning of TV, advertising, Photoshop and so on, everything must be perfect, “beautiful”, no speck or spot, no dent, no hole and all what not. Although, desire to buy healthy looking foodstuff is in-born, buying picture perfect is not realistic. The aim instead should be healthy (aka organic) and fresh, not picture perfect.

Do You Hear That? The first two senses outlined geared a bit more towards food. The sense of hearing is mostly geared towards lifestyle, now if you live in a place that is termed rural or not as much development as some other states, know that you are blessed. Blessed? Why? You may ask. The truth that you have something that those of us who live in the city crave for – Silence! Peace! Calm! Those of who aim for a healthier lifestyle and live in the “big city” are constantly bombarded with the noise from generators (I know, I own one too), cars blaring their horns as they drive, trucks and trailers blaring as they drive, speakers mounted on cars (for advert purposes) and a whole lot more. Although, you don’t immediately notice it but these noise(s) take a toll on the entire team of the hearing organ, hearing losses in the elderly is not a coincidence. Making the effort to limit or reduce the amount of noise coming in will go a long way for your health.

Oh The Touch! Very little shows the health of a person like the feel of their face, skin and hair (even nails). In the pre-health conscious days, you may not have given a second thought to the feel, bounce and shine of your hair or recurrent break outs on your face and skin or the annoying cracks in your nails. But if you are familiar with nutritional health, these are the obvious indicators your health and general well-being. As you go about your health and wellness journey, be sure to keep an eye out for these indicators in your body, look out for changes. Have you noticed your hair breaking less or more? Is it fuller? Are you now having less or more breakouts on your face or skin? Is your skin softer or more desirable to touch? Stronger or worse off nails?

Hmmm…. That Smell! Now this sense is quite relative because there are some foods that are extremely “unpleasant” to the nostrils but also extremely healthy to the body. While there are others which smell heavenly but highly toxic to the body. There is one odour that we all should get acquainted with, so much so that we can detect it in our sleep, that is the fresh smell of nature. This spans from food and food products, to drinks, personal care, lifestyle and everything else. It cannot be beaten by anything else in this world, that is the smell of life, beauty, health, fruitfulness, abundance, and everything God made which He declared… good.

As beginners, intermediaries, and veterans in the health journey, there should be at least one or more of your senses that have gone through a renewal process. I definitely have more than one (taste, smell, hearing), and being more deliberate about my health and lifestyle choices, the list keeps growing. Ultimately, the aim of your health journey should not be of perfection but instead should be of balance, effort, and consistency.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences, please leave a comment.