Confessions Of An Amateur Urban Gardener

nstagram! It is considered to be a heaven sent tool for a lot of startups and small business owners, which I completely agree with. After all, a lot of people I buy things from I found them or heard about them through Instagram. So you may be wondering now, so how does that relate to you? Well, my pursuit to have an urban garden in my city abode really took off this year, but before then I had been reading up blogs and Instagram posts of how to start an organic garden, how to grow different plants organically and much more. And you know when you read these blogs and posts who are giving you the gist of their experiences, successes and failures, they make it sound like starting an organic garden/farm is such a breeze. Yes, they tell you that you will experience challenges and setbacks, but sometimes I wish they emphasize these challenges and setbacks a lot more.


When you follow urban gardeners and farmers both home and abroad on social media especially Instagram, you would almost want to leap into the screen so you could somehow magically show up at that garden or farm. Does anyone else experience this or is it just me? I secretly wish I could call each of them and bombard them with questions like…

Picture Credit: Canva

Why is that you guys don’t seem to show enough of your challenges? (at least in my mind)

Why is it that there are times that some seeds just won’t grow, even after planting several times?

What else can someone amend a soil with, without bringing in odours that will probably cause my neighbours to revolt or kick me out?

How long did take you guys before every (or most) seed that you planted actually germinated?

How come your seeds seem to take a few days to germinate and mine takes almost a month before I see a sprout?

How do you let off steam when you are feeling so discouraged about consecutive setbacks? My tears are close by…


Right now in my urban gardening journey I am really feeling down, I have been trying to germinate some particular seeds since the beginning of the year. I plant but month after month I am getting nothing. Not to sound ungrateful, I have grown a few veggies but all of them were seedlings I bought. So I keep asking myself, what am I doing wrong? What else do I need to do that I haven’t done? Why is this thing such a challenge? Why is this mystery taking me so long to figure out? I have been praying, reading as much information I can get online (I prefer books, I just don’t have them at hand now). After every let down I have tried to encourage myself in the Lord, remind myself that most people that became professionals in their fields always talk about their times of immense challenges and setbacks. When I’m really feeling the pressure of the challenges, I  just occupy my mind with the vision I have for where I am going, the ideas I’m itching to implement and the lives I pray to impact along the way. These thoughts give me the extra boost to try again.

Sorry I started by blaming Instagram, I guess I needed someone or something to blame for the challenges and discouraging outcomes I have been experiencing. I love Instagram has helped me learn new things, meet new people and reunite with old friends. I hope my confessions doesn’t sound like whining but instead an encouragement, a hug, a pat on the back, a word in season for you at whatever stage of life or business that you are in now. Remember, if it was easy, it won’t be worth it.

Do you have confessions like me about your struggle/challenges/setbacks of life, health, business or just being a human on this earth? Please share your experience to let us all know we are not alone… or worse, crazy… And it’s okay to be anonymous too😊