About SG

Spectra Greens…. For those who wonder, “Spectra” is the plural for the word Spectrum which means “a range of a particular type of thing”. “Green” for the purpose of this venture represents all things natural, organic, healthy and sustainable. Hence, Spectra Greens is mostly my learning journey towards a solely natural lifestyle, it’s also a platform to bring awareness and enlightenment to all things green. This will span from hair to food (and drink), to skin, health, DIY’s, natural remedies, environment and general well-being. I will sometimes also share my learning experience about life and everything in it.

This journey started from a young age for me because I grew in a household where Dad is a doctor, but he wasn’t just a regular doctor. His practice is a type of medicine called Integrative Medicine, which aims to combine both conventional medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine practices in order to bring about optimal health and healing. As a child, what that meant to me was little to no junk food (which means we hardly went to fast food restaurants), no noodles, no microwave, no alcohol, little to no fizzy drinks, a number of supplement intake and so on. When it came to food, medicine and lifestyle we felt different as kids because when people asked what type of medicine my Dad practiced, our reply was usually met with stares, disbelief, mockery or a few times being called a “herbalist”. It was tough because it wasn’t a popular type of medical practice at all and a lot of times you spend time trying to explain to people what it was about. In time, our lifestyle made a difference for us because we were hardly sick even with malaria. Thinking back, I have only been to the hospital twice and people who know my family will tell you that we are hardly ever sick.

As I grew up, a lot of people expected me to take after my Dad in that practice, but it didn’t work out that way and I tried to stay out of it for as long as possible. But in recent times, I have been having this awakening and desire to pursue a sustainable lifestyle and soon decided to journal my experiences and learning with the hope to inspire others to take the journey with me.

Looking forward to meeting you all, online or offline, sharing ideas and knowledge.